Tuesday, May 6, 2014

program of craft addicts

12x 12 step program of craft Addicts:
1. Realize and admit you are a scrapping addict.
2. Come to believe that only retail therapy in the nearest craft store can satisfy the deep longing in your mind for more tools and supplies.
3. Make a quality decision when you feel the urge to shop or crop get your best scrap buddy to go with you.
4. make a list of all your favorite companies and send email wish lists to friends and family who might want to buy you something...
5. If you get caught shopping with he money tell him it’s a gift –to yourself.
6. Make a conscious decision to buy your best scrapping friend one tool or supply pack per year, this counteracts selfish purchases.
7. if you run out of money humbly ask your mom for some –she understands you have needs
8. Send everyone on your Christmas card list a hello card this month.
9. Consider every sale that’s at least 50%off.
10. Make at least one project for yourself every 3 months, instead of giving them all away.
11. go through all your scrapbook supplies every 6 months and give one item to a brand new scrapper.
12 take pics of everything you create then make a scrapbook with those pics and post it on facebook.

lol,this funny!